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Add gallery frontend app block

To display galleries, you will need to add the app block to your theme.

You can add our block to:
blog articles.

Your theme needs to be an OS2.0 theme

Open up the theme customizer (go to online store, click customize)

Click the customize button on your active theme

to add the snippet to the product page, go to the dropdown and select product -> default template (or if you have custom templates select the one you want to add it to)

select the product template

Select the location you want to add it and click add block, now move it to the exact location you would want the gallery to show up.

add the block

Keep in mind, if you don't have a gallery yet, or if the product in the preview page does not have a gallery linked to it, you will not see the block, to link a gallery to a product check our creating a gallery article.

On the right side select the type of slider you want to display.

Ideal for displaying the images big (like in the footer, or on wider locations in the theme)

For showing a lot of small thumbnails, on click the post will open up in a modal

The slider looks like this

The thumbnails look like this


On thumbnail click:

Updated on: 12/01/2022

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