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1. Connect To

To connect to
Open our product connector app on your store, and click connections
Click add connection

Click add connection

Enter the required fields:

Name (the name of this connection, for instance BOL NL, or BOL BE)
Client ID (the API client ID, more info on getting the client ID and secret: )
Secret (The API secret)

You can select to sync ALL your products, or only products with a certain tag.

All Products
As expected, all your products will be synced to

If you want to only sync products with a certain tag, uncheck the Sync all products option. you can select an existing tag, or create a new tag.
As soon as you add the selected tag to a product, the product will get synced to

Please Note expects a EAN code (called barcode in shopify) for the product, otherwise it will not accept your product.
if the EAN code is a known EAN for bol does a great job in adding extra details (images, description, etc..) to your products./

Delivery Time
all products from this connection will get the selected delivery time.

To account for your shipping cost or handling fees you can select a markup for your products.

Once the connection is saved we will sync any products matching your settings to

If you update price, inventory description or title, we will resync the data to (please note, for some existing products we do not control if bol accepts the description / title, since they prefer their own content which has been linked to the EAN).

ON the overview page, you will be able to see all products, any any unsynced products will have an error icon

hover the icon to see more details about the error (if you have multiple variants, click the product to see the errors on a variant level

Updated on: 24/03/2023

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