To use our Product Inventory Information app you will need to add a block to the product page.
With the newer shopify themes that are OS2.0 you can do it through the theme customizer. With older themes you will need to paste in the snippet yourself at the location you want the inventory block to show up.

OS2.0 Themes

Older Themes

Add this code to your active theme product-template.liquid file somewhere below the product price for the location information to show up.

{% unless product.selected_or_first_available_variant.inventory_management == null %}{% if template == "product" %}{% assign inventory = product.metafields.tomit_inventory %}{% if inventory.inventory_json.size > 0 %}<script>document.addEventListener('tomitLoaded', function(e) {tomitProductInventoryInfo.productJson = `{{inventory.inventory_json | json}}`;});</script>{% endif %}{% endif %}<div id="inventoryLocationInformation"><span class="inventoryLocationLoading"></span></div>{% endunless %}

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