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Social Promoter - Getting Started

Getting started with the Social Promoter App.

To get started connect one or more of your social networks to the app.

You can use our app with:
- facebook business pages.
- instagram business accounts (needs to be linked to your facebook business page)
- twitter accounts

Connect your social networks

When you click connect on the facebook button you will be sent to the facebook login page.
After you login you get redirected back to the app where you can chose your business page where you want to monitor the messages and posts from.

Click connect on the business page you want to connect with.

If you have set up your facebook account and facebook business page, click connect on the instagram setting. the application will fetch your instagram business account that is linked to your facebook business page.

Please note, to be able to send direct messages with instagram, enable messaging access on your business account.

in the mobile app go to:

settings -> privacy -> Messages and enable "Allow Access To Messages" under connected tools

more information:


The connection to twitter is really straight forward. Login with your account. Accept the app scopes and your account is connected.

After you have have connected one or more platforms you can really start using the app.

Updated on: 12/01/2022

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