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Uploading and Setting up PDF File

If you have product specific documents you want to print or send to your customer, for instance if you want to add a product manual to shopify orders with a certain product. or if you have country specific documents for shopify orders, you can upload them to the order related documents app, and we will generate the needed documents for each individual order and merge them into one printable pdf file. if you also use our order related documents app to print shopify packing slips, you can generated all needed documents at once without needing to switch apps.

Setting up a specific PDF document for printing:

View this manual on tango for easier reading

2. Click on Create new Document

Step 2 screenshot

4. Type The Filename you want for this document

Step 4 screenshot

5. Select your pdf from file upload menu

Step 5 screenshot

6. Click on Category

Step 6 screenshot

7. Select the category you want for this document

Step 7 screenshot

8. Click on Next

Step 8 screenshot

9. Change document status to Active

Step 9 screenshot

10. Select Print Document or Email Document (Or Both)

If you select both, the document will get added to the print view, and it will also get sent after an order is placed
Step 10 screenshot

Step 11 screenshot

Step 12 screenshot

13. Click on Add

Step 13 screenshot

14. Click on Save

Step 14 screenshot

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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