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Where can I find the API keys?

Go to the 'Instellingen' (Settings) on your sales account at

Under 'Diensten' (Services), go to 'API Settings'.

If you haven't done so yet, fill in your 'Technical contact'.
This is yourself, or your developer if you have one.

Under Client Credentials, press 'Aanmaken' (Create).

Choose a name for your keys, and press 'Ja, voeg toe' (Yes, add).

Now you have created your own API keys.
You will see the Client ID, copy the client id, you will need it for configuring our marketplace order connector

Next press 'Toon Secret' (Show Secret)

And copy your secret as well

Use these credentials to set up our app

More info on connecting your shopify store to bol with our app:

Updated on: 05/04/2022

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