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PostNL - How do i set up the app?

App settings

In the settings you have to fill in your post nl klantnummer (1) first.
This can be found in the my postnl environment.

The post NL klantcode (2) must be entered in the 2nd box.
The post NL klantcode can also be found in the my postnl environment.
First click on name -> my account in the top right corner of my postnl environment.

Then you have to click under module settings on afzender en retouradressen.

The post NL klantcode can then be found under the algemeen general.

Next you need to fill in a PostNL Api-Key(3).
You can request a PostNL Test (Sandbox) API-Key via the required API's are:


With this key you will need to create a few test labels, to make sure everything works.

When you are done testing, you can get a Production API via the PostNL CIT Service Desk.

The telephone number of the CIT Service Desk is: +31 (0)88 225 56 51

Fullfill orders automatisch
When this option is enabled, the track and trace code will automatically be put in Shopify and the order will be fulfilled.

Klant E-mailadres meezenden naar PostNL
When this option is on, the e-mail address is sent to PostNL, which keeps the customer informed about the status of his orders.

The last thing you need to do is to fill in the sender details so that a return address will appear on the label.

Updated on: 23/06/2020

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