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Available Settings

Product Sync

The product sync setting will enable the feature to keep the inventory between shopify and all different sales channel in sync.
This option will not send products to a marketplace, all products need to be added manually or using another app


Enabling this option will enable the automatic importing of orders into shopify
Please make sure all required products are linked in the app before enabling this. Otherwise a lot of orders will fail


When enabled, all merchant cancelled orders in shopify will be synchronized to Amazon or

Sync Tracking

Tracking added in Shopify will be send to the corresponding orders marketplace
Please make sure that the tracking follows the marketplace guidelines for track and trace codes. Example : No special characters or Spaces

Order Name

Select which order name should be imported into shopify.
- To use the Prefix of the sales channel and order number from the marketplace, select "Sales channel order name" (Default)
- To let Shopify generate a order number, select "Shopify generated order name"

Standard Shipping Option

Apps like MyParcel and other label services need a already filled Shipping Option. The Marketplace Order Connector app automatically gives a order a shipping option when the "Standard Shipping Option" is enabled and choosen.

Standard Syncing Method

To link products between a sales channel and Shopify either the EAN/Barcode or SKU need to be equal. With this option the EAN or SKU can be selected.

Enable automatic fulfillment

Orders can be automatically be fulfilled when the label service like "Verzenden via". To enable this the location from the fulfillment needs to be choosen.


Enable and setup this option if you would like to receive emails when a order has not been imported due to a issue.

Updated on: 06/10/2022

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