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Setup Walmart DSV

User Installation Guide

Configuring the Walmart Drop Ship Vendor App.

Walmart DSV Account needed

In order to use our app for syncing your orders & tracking info you will need to have a Walmart DSV Supplier Account.

you can apply for an account here:

Getting the required credentials

If you want to use our app to import walmart orders, you need a Consumer ID and Private Key to access the APIs. These API credentials can be generated in the Developer Portal. You can access the developer portal directly, or through Supplier Center by selecting Settings > API Credentials.

Generate API Credentials

In the Developer Portal, click Login in the top right corner, and select the correct flag under DSV and Warehouse Login as the Login Type.

Your login details are the same as your Supplier Center credentials.

Next, you will be directed to a page where you can generate your API Keys (Consumer ID & Private Key).

Copy the Consumer ID Private Key & Channel Type and enter them in the settings page of our shopify app:

Ship Node is your distributor ID or Vendor ID. Please use your Vendor ID as ShipNode.
You can find it in your Supplier Center by going to the gear icon in the top right and selecting Distribution Facility under DSV Settings. In that view, you'll be able to see your different warehouses and a "Show Details" button. Once clicking, you should see a Warehouse ID next to the name.

Copy this value and paste it into the Walmart Ship Node field

The Order Number Prefix is used to prefix the ordernumbers in shopify, so you can easily distinguish walmart orders from normal store orders.

Updated on: 05/04/2022

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