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Order Cancellations

This feature is currently only supported for sales channels and Amazon

To synchronize your order cancellations from Shopify to your sales channels, please enable this feature in the App Settings.

App Settings

After you enabled this feature, you are able to cancel Shopify orders which will then be synchronized to your sales channels. To cancel a Shopify order, open the order in your Shopify Admin and choose "Cancel Order".

Cancel Order

Select the reason why you want to cancel the order and confirm by clicking "Cancel Order".

Cancellations will always be refunded by your sales channels. Also if you choose "Refund later". We're unable to cancel orders in your sales channels without a full refund.

Confirm Cancellation

After you confirmed the cancellation, the order should be marked as cancelled in our app.

Cancelled Order

Updated on: 10/06/2022

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