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The app Order Connector is designed to easily import orders from to Shopify.

Because there are a lot of places to offer your products nowadays, it's very difficult to sell something in every place.
With this app you can easily get orders from and place them in Shopify. We have even made it possible to do it automatically.
This way you can also sell products on with as little work as possible and you won't miss out on any customers.

The most important features of the app are :

Manually check and import orders from our app or you can enable the autopilot, to have the orders automatically imported into your shop.
The fulfillments created in shopify with track & trace are automatically sent to
When you sell items in your shop, or update the stock of a product in shopify, the stock is automatically updated in

Getting started API Settings:
In the first box ' Client ID' your client ID must be entered.
In the second box ' Secret' the api key must be entered (click here for more information about requesting api-key).

In the third box 'Order Prefix' you can fill in (not required) what will appear before the name of the imported order.

Then there are four more settings.

The 'Product sync' option ensures that every time you sell something through Shopify or update your inventory, it is automatically updated on

With the next option 'Default shipping On/Off' you can make sure that the order contains a default shipping option. This is necessary for some apps such as 'MyParcel'.

With 'Standard syncing method' you can indicate which syncing method you want to use. You can choose either 'SKU' or 'EAN' and it must match the reference number in

Finally you have 'Fulfill orders when sent from' if you create a shipping label in, choose if you want the order to be filled automatically.
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